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Circular progress bar

December 10, 2008 2 comments

I created a small C# control that represent a progress bar, with a circular design.

The code is available here


You can customize a few features:

  • Number of circles
  • Color of circles
  • The font use to render the progress value
  • The format string to use for the progress value
  • The moving speed of the circle update when in action
  • You can set the min and max value of the progress
  • The code use the GDI API to create the animation of the small circles into a main circle. The pourcentage in the center is controled independently of the circles animation.

    I used the cos and sin function to calculate the positions of the inner circles, but I could also use the GDI Transformation (rotation and translation).

    One improvement could be to use a independent thread to replace the usage of the timer that block the other processing in the main thread of the application.

    I used the Color.FromArgb to simplify the creation of the small circles colors degraded. It’s really easy.

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    Rich panel control with expander written in C#

    December 10, 2008 11 comments

    You can check my new expander (with a header and content controls) here

    I added a expander feature to the RichPanel that I developped a few weeks ago.


    The expander is optionnal.

    The code is available for download here

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    VisualStudio Addin deploy

    Here is a link about VisualStudio Addin deploy. It explain how to create a setup to install the addin that you have developped.

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